National Gun Violence Survivors Week

Join us Tuesday, February 1 – Monday, February 7 2022

Join us to honor the fourth annual National Gun Violence Survivors Week. During the week, we take stock of the terrible human toll of America’s gun violence crisis—and recommit ourselves to supporting survivors with action.

This week in February marks the approximate time that gun deaths in the United States surpass the number of gun deaths experienced by peer countries in an entire calendar yearTragically and unacceptably, America’s gun death rate is 13 times greater than that of our peer countries and approximately 200 people survive gunshot wounds every day in the U.S. The focus of National Gun Violence Survivors Week is to share gun violence survivors’ stories and encourage allies to amplify their voices. The centerpiece of the week are the stories on this site, Moments That Survive, a digital storytelling platform in which Americans across the country share defining details of their gun violence experiences, in their own words. Read and share the stories of gun violence survivors.