September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Read and share stories to honor survivors whose loved ones died by gun suicide.

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My name is Austin M., and this is my survivor story. I was with my friend, and we went to visit my mother. When we arrived, this car pulled in right behind us. It was my brother’s “best friend” and a few others. I guess my friend and my brother’s friend had some issues, so I stepped in, trying to calm the situation. I even got it to the point where everything was good, so I shook his hand.

Everything seemed to be getting better until I heard a gun click back. My first instinct was to turn around; as I did, I was shot in the stomach, mid-turn. The bullet went in, and at first I didn’t even realize it. I didn’t feel any pain. Honestly, it just felt like I had no legs at first, but I was standing. The only option I had was to throw myself out the back door as he was still letting off rounds at me. I was left with a bullet lodged in my spine, which required immediate surgery! To this day I’m at risk of becoming fully paralyzed if that bullet shifts in the wrong direction!

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