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Garrett L

On May 7, 2019, I survived a shooting at my school in Colorado. There were two shooters, who decided to take out their wrath upon their fellow peers. Though I was only in there for three and a half minutes, it felt like an eternity.

A girl right next to me was shot in the leg, and I was required to tie a tourniquet. I can’t help but still be affected by this event today.

When leaving the building, I stepped over the body of a victim, while he was lying there, lifeless. When I got out of the school, I was taken aside by a couple of firefighters, who cleaned me off. I only noticed I was covered in blood when they pulled me aside. I looked down and saw the blood of an innocent girl on my hands; that image has been engraved within my memory.

In the classroom, I felt hopeless that I would not leave a legacy upon others. I still believe that everyone’s story must be told and shared with the world. I must make an impact somehow.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.