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In memory of HILLARY

My precious firstborn, her sister and some friends went to celebrate our country’s Independence on July 4, 2022. Little did they know they had invited a murderer to come along. This person was a new acquaintance of my youngest daughter. They all went to the lake to celebrate the Fourth. All was going well, until he pulled a gun out in the car and shot them both! My Hillary did not survive. He shot at her three times, missing once after shooting my youngest first, hitting both of her lungs. By the grace of God, she survived. But Hillary did not.

My heart and soul are crushed. My family and friends are devastated. My granddaughter lost her only aunt; they had a special bond. Our lives will never be the same. I pray for gun reform and stricter laws for those who commit crimes with guns — especially cold-blooded murder. He had done the same thing and served 10 years. He had been out for five years when he shot and killed and traumatized my only two children. Hillary’s mom, forever 31, never will we be the same.

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