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Marty Ma

In memory of MARTY WILLIAM McMillan Jr

Marty was killed on April 23, 2017. He met a girl on a dating site. After talking to this girl for a couple of days or so, she told him she had roommates. Because he wanted to come to see her, she decided to let him come. On Sunday night, April 23, he went to her apartment, and in that apartment he was killed. She told him that she was living with roommates, but it was actually her boyfriend — an older gentleman, about 40 years old. He came home early, and she and Marty were in the bedroom; he shot my grandson seven times. He disposed my grandson’s body on Suitland Parkway. It took us six months to find his remains.

We are going to court on April 20, 2022. So far, all they are charging the girl with is accessory to the fact. She lied to the detectives — told them that she had never seen or even heard of Marty. She also cleaned up the crime scene, while her boyfriend and whomever took Marty’s body on Suitland Parkway disposed of it. She never told anybody. My daughter, Marty’s mother, cracked the case.

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