October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Read and share stories to honor survivors whose lives have been changed by domestic violence.

Social Media Toolkit

National Gun Violence Survivors Week
is February 1-7, 2023

Primary Campaign Hashtag: #GVSurvivorsWeek

Landing Page: MomentsThatSurvive.org/ngvsw 

Twitter Handbook: https://bit.ly/2To6f6A

Twitter Tutorial: https://bit.ly/twitter-7taps


  • Photo Basics: Join us on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 8:30pm ET for the latest training on how to effectively use imagery to elevate survivors’ experiences and demonstrate our work in the movement to end gun violence.
  • How to harness the power of your personal social network to effect change: Grassroots Relational Organizing: Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 8:30pm ET for our new training about utilizing all your communication networks to make a real impact in the movement to end gun violence. This training will be offered simultaneously in both English and Spanish!

Best Practices

  • Personalize your tweets by adding details about yourself to the sample; your social media is most powerful when it reflects your own, unique voice.
  • Always include #GVSurvivorsWeek in your tweets to add it to the online conversation.
  • Tag @Everytown in all of your tweets and @MomsDemand when possible.
  • Mention your CITY & STATE — this helps to show the geographic diversity of the movement!

Sample Tweets

[STATE] @MomsDemand volunteers have gathered to listen to survivors share their stories for National Gun Violence Survivors Week.

Visit MomentsThatSurvive.org/NGVSW to read the stories that put a face on America’s gun violence crisis. #GVSurvivorsWeek @Everytown


By early February, more Americans are killed with guns than are killed in other high-income nations in an entire year.

During National Gun Violence Survivors Week, read survivors’ stories and share your own at MomentsThatSurvive.org/NGVSW. #GVSurvivorsWeek @Everytown

This National Gun Violence Survivors Week, I’m uplifting the stories of survivors who live with the impact of gun violence every single day.

As a @MomsDemand volunteer, I’m sharing [NAME’S] story, from right here in [STATE]. #GVSurvivorsWeek


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