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In memory of Cortez Poppie Bailey

My only son was executed on Chicago streets in 2013. He was 23 years old. While others stood and watched this horrific and violent crime take place…no one would ID the killer. His case is unsolved to date. I would like to see a positive change in how the young men who are killed by gun violence are investigated and categorized. I would also like to see all individuals held accountable for the work that isn’t being done in their wards. I would like to see methods that are going to be taken to get these killers off of the street. Laws must be changed.

When my only son was murdered, I got no support from the area at all…at all…. My life is very different now…. My thoughts and my feelings are as never before. Each day is a mental struggle to get to the next…but I thank God for the strength. Mothers, you are not alone. It really doesn’t get any better…. It really gets different, though. Thanks for this opportunity to share my story about the son that I hold in my heart.

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