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Aaron Dominic Prayer

In memory of Aaron Dominic Prayer

Hello my name is Skyla Pawnell. I live in East St. Louis, Illinois. I am a lead/survivor lead for Moms Demand Action. I got involved after I lost my 21-year-old son to gun violence in 2018. I really had no idea of where this journey would lead me. I just knew it was long and hard and no one should have to weather this alone.

I wanted to reach out to people. I felt the need to express my grief. Our loss can become our gain—a blessing born in pain. Get a support team if you don’t have one. You can find me on Facebook: Families Against Gun Violence. We started as strangers but ended up family. God couldn’t have made me a part of a better team.

It’s time we make a change here in East St. Louis. Let’s kick gun violence in the butt, so families can stop crying. We can do it. We’re much stronger together. Thank you for this opportunity and for listening to my long story. I am forever grateful for you.

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