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Aaron Justin Wornum

In honor of Aaron Justin Wornum

My son Aaron Justin Wornum, 25, was murdered on June 26, 2011. He was my youngest child and has an older brother, Jamaal Antone Wornum.

Aaron was such a loving child. He was always checking on his cousins to making sure that they were OK. He had such a love for music. He wrote and produced his own music and took the time to share his talents with other youth. Aaron always talked. He was always trying to help the youth challenge their minds, and talked about moving out of state so that he could enhance his music skills. Aaron was that peacemaker among his friends. He also had a great love for God and would preach the Bible so much that I thought he might become a preacher. After his untimely death I had so many people, young and old, tell me about how wonderful my son was. They said he always had encouraging words for everyone that he spoke with.

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