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Aaron Woolfolk

In memory of Connie Woolfolk

Aaron Woolfolk asked me to share this about his sister, Connie Woolfolk. Connie lost her life on February 2, 2008, in the Lane Bryant Murders, Tinley Park, Illinois. Almost three years to the date of losing his best friend, Kenneth D. Mitchell Jr., who was killed on February 6, 2005. They all grew up in the same community, shared the same lives, and Aaron was Brenda K. Mitchell’s other son. We were devastated in losing Connie. Again we were thrown into turmoil.

I remember her mom, Portia, choosing her picture and crying the tears of a mother as she kept saying “My Connie.” I remember being on the front row comforting her mom as she apologized to me for having me go through this with her when I, too, was still dealing with my grief. We stood together. Connie left behind two sons, Victor and Maeric. Her murder is still unsolved. She remains loved and remembered by all those she loved and those that loved her. She remains in Aaron’s heart, not to be forgotten. We remember you, Connie, and your beautiful smile.

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