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Alicia Campbell

In memory of Ahmad

My son Ahmad had speech issues from age three. I often had to tell people what he was saying because he would get frustrated and not repeat himself. I fought to get him speech therapy. When he was in the second grade, I got him tested on my own, and we realized he had a learning disability and needed an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for school. Basically he needed extra time for his work. With this IEP and hard work Ahmad beat the odds- by the time he got to highschool he was inducted in the Honor Society. He was so proud and determined to never let anything or anyone hold him back. He went on to NC A&T University, determined to receive his Bachelor’s Degree, but a senseless act of gun violence ended his dream on October 2, 2016.

Ahmad was just 21, attending an off-campus college house party at a friend’s apartment. Some unwanted guest started an altercation and was forced to leave. He ended up shooting three times into the apartment. One bullet hit Ahmad and another hit a girl named Alisia, and both were killed. My beloved son was an innocent bystander.

Ahmad was the most humble, caring young man. He had never even been in a fight; he’d only had one spanking. My life has been changed forever. This has made me want to help get better gun laws to protect others.

I spoke for him when he was young, and I vow to be my son Ahmad’s voice forever.

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