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Amir Locke

In memory of Amir Locke

February 2, 2022, will be the day that forever changed my life. My youngest son, Amir Locke, age 22, was sleeping on a couch when he was executed by a Minneapolis police officer during a no-knock warrant raid. The warrant was for property, and my son was not listed on the warrant. He was visiting his cousin. My son was awakened by SWAT and startled out of his sleep. He reached for his gun (which he legally purchased). He was shot in 9 seconds.

No-knock warrants should be banned across the United States. I believe my son was never fully awake before he was shot more than three times. I would have never imagined that my son would leave this Earth by the hands of a trigger-happy police officer who had prior complaints and a pending case against him. My life will never be the same, and I will continue to fight for justice. Police brutality and gun violence in our communities has to be dealt with.

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