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Amy S.

I live in a state and community where gun ownership is common, mostly for the purposes of hunting. I was raised with guns in the house and learned how to shoot at a young age, so I am reasonably comfortable with weapons.

Yet, as common sense dictates, guns and substance use do not mix.

A few years ago, my partner and I were visiting my in-laws along with my then toddler. My father-in-law has substance abuse issues. He decided that day, while drunk, to show off by shooting his shotgun from the porch. Unfortunately, because he was impaired, he didn’t realize that his wife and my toddler were walking out on the lawn. The fact that they weren’t shot that day was only because of luck or a miracle — as well as the quick action of my husband, who wrestled the gun from his father before he could get off more shots.

I still find it hard to believe that it could happen to us — that it was so close to happening to us.

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