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Andie Weiner

In memory of Scott Beigel Scott J. Beigel Memorial Foundation

Almost two years ago to the day, 17 innocent souls were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. One of those 17 souls was Scott Beigel. I had the honor of knowing Scott through my eight summers at camp, where my parents worked alongside him. Scott was a positive light in this world, and his death shook me to my core. He was my friend at camp when no other person would be, and he always had a joke in mind to make my day. He died saving his students, and that should NEVER be forgotten. I stand up to gun violence to make sure that Scott Beigel will always be remembered as a hero with the greatest sense of humor, the most vibrant and witty personality, and the hero with the most caring heart to ever walk this earth.

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