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Andrea C.

In honor of Christopher D

In late April 2020, my son, age 23 now, was shot in his home. He had met a local young lady on Facebook. They’d exchanged conversations, and he invited her over to have drinks. She arrived solo, but a few minutes after being inside his home, she opened the door to a masked man. It was her boyfriend, who had driven her to my son’s house with the intention to rob him for the unemployment money that was on his bank card. But my son didn’t receive it, like most people in our state.

The young woman texted her boyfriend, who was outside waiting. He was asking, in text messages, if my son was armed. My son went into the kitchen, and the young woman opened the door to allow her boyfriend to enter the home. The man pistol-whipped my son. They fought and exchanged words. All for $100 in cash and a debit card with no cash on it. They shot him and left him. He crawled to his phone to call me.

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