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Anita Franklin

In memory of Antonio

My life was forever changed on April 14, 2014. My 21-year-old son, home from college, walking through his favorite park, caught in the crossfire of two groups of kids engaging in a shootout. Antonio was shot in the head. My life was affected in so many ways. No more watching my favorite crime shows. My reaction to loud noises and sensitivity to trigger words in conversations. The most profound difference is the new label “the lady who lost her son” or the “lady who speaks about gun violence.” My life was not the only one affected by his murder. Our city was hurt. His death symbolized a growing epidemic of young men dying because of gun misuse. To promote healing, the city named the park basketball court after Antonio.

I was going to do something about what happened to my son. I came forward and openly spoke about his murder. I openly speak on Antonio’s tragedy so that victims and survivors understand the importance and power of telling their stories.

Thank you Moms Demand Action. Because of you I can share Antonio’s life and death story.

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