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Annette Holt

In memory of Blair DeLane

I chose three objects of Blair’s: the school ID he was wearing the day he was killed, a CD he made because he loved to write music, and his last school photo. Blair was in honors classes at Percy L. Julian High School; he also made, wrote and produced his own rap music. He wanted to get his degree in business from Clark Atlanta University, so that he could manage his own music career.

Blair was murdered on May 10, 2007, for no reason except that he was coming home from school like he should have been. A teenager boarded the crowded public bus and started shooting, hitting a total of five students. Blair was the only one to die as he blocked and saved one of his classmates from the bullets. Typically we picked him up from school, but that day I was going to see The Color Purple with my sorority sister. When I got the call, I drove to the hospital crying all the way and running lights to get to my son. But my only child died at 16 and I will never be the same.

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