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In honor of Damani Chadley

Brand new job at a Lucielle’s Barbecue. Most of my coworkers were young kids around my age. (I’m 18.) Damani was there since the grand opening, so I was able to work with him for about five months. I wish I could’ve spoken to him more. I wish I could’ve asked him about his music because I knew that was his passion. In October, I found out through social media and my coworkers that Damani had been shot and killed during a weed deal gone wrong; he was only 17.

I’ve never known anyone before who was a victim, so it was a very profoundly sad time. The restaurant wasn’t the same after that. People started quitting because the management wouldn’t allow time off so people could grieve. I remember seeing my coworkers quietly crying while trying to put food together. I quit after about a week. Damani is constantly on my mind; all I can hope is that he is somewhere better and that his family receives nothing but love and support. He didn’t deserve to die. Rest in peace, Damani.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.