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In honor of Eliseo Garza

Eliseo was full of life, joy and dreams. He was my better half — my best friend and motivator. On November 16, my nightmare would start, due to gun violence and the negligence of a person holding a gun who should never have had access, due his mental instability.

It was supposed to be a beautiful day, but we were followed by my ex-partner, who had the mindset: “If you’re not mine, you are no one’s.'” Unfortunately I had to face a tragically painful trauma and homicide. It was a forever dreadful experience, seeing my life almost taken from me and seeing the love of my life take his last breath in my arms while I was in the floor, not knowing if I was going to be shot next. I not only want awareness and change, but I want his story not to just end on November 16. I want his story to have meaning. I want to make sure no other people face these horrendous acts of violence because of people that are not equipped to carry a gun.

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