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In memory of Jahmari Rice

Jahmari Rice was shot and killed outside of SECA (an alternative school) at the age of 15. He was trying to better his life and chase his football dreams. He always wore his big smile, even on his worst days, and he always made sure his people were straight.

Jahmari, I never would have imagined the day I heard there was a shooting at your school. I was in shock, and then everybody kept saying your name, and I couldn’t believe it. Then they announced it; that truly broke me. To this day, I still haven’t accepted that you’re gone. This could have been anyone’s kid, friend, sibling, but it was my friend. I haven’t felt like me since. I miss you so much, man. People really just need to put the guns down and focus on education. We are too young for y’all to be playing with guns and taking innocent lives. 08/31/06-02/01/22. Gone but never forgotten. #llm #doitformar

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