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In honor of My son💕✨✊🏾

My story is about my son and his girl who was murdered. He was shot eight times, and by the grace of God he lived through all of this, but still, till this day. Two years ago it all began with someone being able to get their hands illegally on a gun that’s not even supposed to be on the streets! But somehow it is easy for everyone to get guns except the ones who try to be legal. This still affects us til this day—I did say “us,” because it has literally affected our lives. Every day my son has to try to deal with this.

I have so much to say about this gun control or the so-called gun laws or even the states that do not have gun laws—the ones that are freely able to carry. To me, that law makes it easier for anyone to carry a firearm. It should not be so!

I’m so sick of innocent lives being taken and nothing being done about it. My heart is broken. We don’t have a clue as to who did this! I’m so hurt still. So I’m going to do all I can to stop the violence with guns!

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