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In memory of Reggie Mac Hill

Reggie was my baby boy. I have two sons. Unfortunately my oldest son was the one that found him shot multiple times, left lifeless to die. Reggie had just moved out of my house into his own place, he was only there two months, He had come over to my house for a normal visit, we sat, laughed and talked about things he was needing for his new place. He left with his usual “I love You Momma, hug, kiss, and will see ya later for dinner.” Two hours later I get a call from my older son, saying Momma, Reggie has been shot, and it’s doesn’t look good. After hours in the hospital, and many prayers, the doctors come to me and say, “I’m sorry we have done all we can do, he’s gone.” 9/25/92-4/5/2013. Reggie is survived by his son, who is a carbon copy of his Dad. He is my second chance, He is my Surviving Tool. R.I.H. Son????

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