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My 30-year anniversary is fast approaching! On September 29, I will once more relive that horrible day that took my life as I knew it. I was gunned down with an AR-15 assault rifle by my ex-husband in a courthouse parking lot. I was shot in the head, arm and back and somehow survived. It has been a very tough 30 years, with 50 operations and countless hospitalizations, including losing an eye, paralysis, broken bones and so much more.

Thirty years later, things have only gotten worse. People still have assault rifles and the means to modify their weapons to do as much damage as possible in a very short amount of time. Washington does not appear to be willing to do anything to change this to stop these school, workplace and mall shootings, gang violence and more. We need to get many of these weapons off the streets, but the politicians, including our President, support the deep pockets of the NRA, despite schoolchildren being shot! They simply turn their heads.

I even wonder if these politicians who seem to have never suffered this kind of loss firsthand would be moved to legislate for change if one of their children were among the wounded or killed by gun violence. I can only hope for their sake they never have to find out!

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