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I was in my art class when we were put on lockdown. This was the second time in the past three months (including summer) that we had been put on a real lockdown. We all got under the desks as my teacher locked the door and turned the lights off. The first thing I did was text my parents and my friends. I had gotten texts from my friends saying they heard gunshots.

Our lockdown siren flashes blue and red the whole time, so we all started getting headaches. We waited for three hours in lockdown, our phones flooded with messages about what was happening. A kid had shot another and went into class; the kid who was shot drove himself to the hospital; a SWAT team was searching our school. Again, this wasn’t the first time we had a serious lockdown with a full SWAT team searching our school. The kid survived, thank God.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.