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I am a survivor of gun violence in December 1983. I survived abduction by a stranger. I was held hostage and then learned he was a multiple murderer (who committed multiple murders that same month). In the 37 years since then, I have been challenged by complex PTSD. Gun violence significantly changed my life, impacting whether/how I could fulfill the dreams I had as a then 25-year-old woman.

A wise, compassionate therapist and the use of a service dog have empowered me to keep healing and living a fully as possible, but it has been very difficult at times. I understand why suicide is too often the outcome of surviving gun violence and want to encourage survivors and their loved ones to embrace compassion for themselves. I have deep respect and appreciation for the work this organization does to promote gun control. Please keep your support growing and, hopefully, getting louder. The U.S. needs you desperately.

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