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In memory of Henrietta Creech

A mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend to so many people was taken in the peace of her own home. Henrietta was a victim of gun violence (drive-by) in 2005, at the age of 62. Shot in her home, she survived with a forever scar. Fifteen years later, she was murdered in the same home by a gunshot — another drive-by.

She was a woman with a beautiful soul who would do anything for anyone. Loved to cook, loved holidays, and loved being around family! She was never fearful, always prayed and believed God would heal her and give her peace. She never wanted to move or leave her home. She didn’t worry about what obstacles she was faced with; she just kept going with a smile on her face. Her name will never be forgotten, as she touched many lives in our community. We will continue to pray for JUSTICE!! That’s all she every wanted. Her death, like many others impacted by gun violence, was senseless, tragic and unacceptable.

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