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Ariauna Jackson

On January 26, 2019, I was at my grandma’s house. My boyfriend at the time called me to come outside to talk to me. I came outside, and I sat his car. We were looking into his phone because he had to show me something. While we were looking at his phone, we noticed a black car kept passing by my grandma’s house.

Next thing I knew, my boyfriend ducked, and I heard gunshots hitting the car. I ducked also and was praying that nothing happened. At the time I wasn’t afraid because I knew I wouldn’t get hurt. Next thing I knew, I felt a bullet hit me in the middle of my back. I told my boyfriend, “I believe I’ve gotten shot.” I touched my back, and there was blood everywhere.

He drove me to the hospital, and they flew me to Memphis, Tennessee. When I got there, there were a lot of doctors. They ran tests and tried to take the bullet out, but it wouldn’t come out. I went home the same night. I still could walk, and I wasn’t hurt. Till this day I have PTSD. But I am highly blessed.

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