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Auntie Rob’s

In honor of Emily Todd

Survivors of gun violence intimately know that sharing one’s personal experience is a hard but necessary part of healing from trauma. I know this personally after losing my niece. She was senselessly murdered by someone she met two weeks prior on a dating site, who should not have had a gun or been on the streets.

I still find it hard to believe and am not so sure I can agree when people tell me that it “gets easier” or that “time heals all wounds or that “everything happens for a reason.” The pain and heartache that each one of my family members has had to—and still has to— endure continues to take my breath away. This horrible, tragic nightmare continues to be and will always be my family’s reality.

Fifty-eight percent of American adults or someone they care for have experienced gun violence in their lifetime. It could be any of us!

I will never stop fighting for you … I will continue to be your voice! I am absolutely heartbroken and filled with so many tears … this is so unfair!

Auntie Rob’s loves and misses you, Em’s.

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