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Barbara Smith

In memory of Gregory E Smith Jr

I am a mom whose life was impacted on August 12, 2020, when my son’s life was taken by senseless gun violence. I haven’t been the same. I still have no answers to who took my son’s life, but I still pray every day for justice for Gregory Smith Jr., my son.

I just want to say to the people out in the world, young and old, we need to stop with the guns, taking one another lives for foolishness. We all need to love one another and find other ways to come together as one instead of dealing with guns, picking them up and killing one another over foolishness.

As I continue on with my life, my prayers will be for the gun violence to come to a stop and for people to stop acting as if they don’t want to tell what they saw or what they heard. There needs to be change on how we conduct ourselves and want to give help when needed. Especially if you know something, say something. May my son Gregory Smith Jr. rest in peace.

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