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I witnessed my fiancé end his life with a gun. I tried to stop the shooting from happening in our home. This occurred almost seven years ago.

We were deeply in love and had recently purchased our dream home. We were incredibly happy. Our wedding date was only three months away, and plans for our honeymoon were set.

Our wedding invitations arrived the day my fiancé died by suicide. He was battling a chronic illness and didn’t think he would make a good husband, due to his illness. He also suffered from a mental illness, which led to his negative thinking.

My dream home became the house of doom as the nightmare unfolded that night of the shooting. The bullets sprang into the bedroom walls. I’m still not sure how many I heard and saw. The police asked me so many questions, and I knew they suspected me at first. That was terrifying. My fiancé was left-handed, and I was right-handed, which helped rule me out. I now help facilitate grief recovery and suicide survivor support groups.

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