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Breanna’s Mom

In memory of Breanna Gomez

My daughter was shot on January 3, 2021. She was only 14 years old. I am forever broken. I miss her so much.

In Memory of Breanna, my beautiful daughter:

You couldn’t stand when you got the news that day
The news that your child was gone
No pain in the world could compare to this
You had such a special bond

Losing your child never came to mind
They were supposed to outlive you
Tragedies happen in this world
It’s so difficult to get through

You’ve cried a river, so many tears
It doesn’t seem like they will end
You try to get a break at night
But in the morning the tears begin

You’d surely trade places if you could
You wanted your child to live
She wasn’t ready to leave this world
Because she had so much love to give!

You know that the day is coming
When your sorrow will be gone
For now you keep her in your heart
And you’re remembering that special bond!

I Love You Bre! Missing you everyday. Mom

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.