September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Read and share stories to honor survivors whose loved ones died by gun suicide.

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Brenda K. Mitchell

In honor of Kenneth D. Mitchell, Jr.
3/12/18 2:50:22 PM 
The Negaunee Music Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Portraits for the Purpose over Pain Project

© Todd Rosenberg 2018

You and I, you and me, it has been 15 years today, February 6, 2020, since I last spoke to you, saw your face and called your name. The day you were taken from everyone you loved and everyone who loved you. It has been a long journey trying to find myself in this process and learn to live life without you. I kid you not, it has been rough, but I managed to navigate through it. I have battle scars; I had sleepless nights. But God has been my mainstay. I never stop missing you or wanting you. I am grateful for the love we shared, the son you were to me. I thank God for you. Your sons feel the loss; they struggle, but they keep getting up. You will always be what you have been to us. Your sons Tyler, John, Mykhi, and your bonus son, Justin. It hurts to say these words, I want what I had and that never can be. I look to God. I am OK!

We Love You Ken Ken. You Were Our Love…You Were Our Heaven. Mom and Dad

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