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Brittany Jasinski

In memory of Raymond “RJ” Pantoja Ray’s Rhythm For Justice Foundation

I lost my best friend on April 10, 2016, due to a senseless act of gun violence. He was trying to fight off people jumping his friends at a night club in Philly. A random stranger shot and killed him. One shot to the chest, and he was gone forever. The funny thing is, he hated going out, especially to bars and clubs.

He left behind family and friends who love him dearly, but most importantly, he left behind his beautiful daughter. She was robbed of a father.

He was someone you felt you knew your whole life. He had such a contagious smile and laugh and could change your mood in an instant. He was always on the go, never in one place too long. He had a great passion for music and loved making it. When he loved, he loved deeply. Despite your flaws, he loved and accepted all of you, never judging. He had many flaws himself; he was growing and working on being a better him, but he’ll never have that chance. I miss my best friend. RIP.

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