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In memory of Hassan Wood

A letter from me and my son.

I am a father of gun violence. My oldest son was killed November 14, 2016. It is going on five years, and your killer is still walking our hood.

I received full custody of my son at 18—what a blessing. He was a baby teaching a teen to become a man. (Thanks, Son!)

Hassan, I remember one day you said, “Dad, you know so many people.” And my response to you was they are not all my friends. You didn’t understand what that meant at such a young age. Now, up in heaven, you get it. You were killed in our hood, which we called Morroco’s. Out of all those friends, only a handful have even mentioned your name or your murder. Where are all our homies now from our hood? It’s only been five years that I’ve had this pain. But I need to share with them that this is a lifetime of pain for me and you. Thanks, homies and friends.

Love Benjie and Bubba

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