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Cadet Aurora McCarter

In honor of CPD. Cadet Aurora Mccarter Cadet Aurora Mccarter

She wanted to make a real change. She was at Purcell Marian High School, in her junior year. A police cadet, working full-time at McDonalds. She was very determined and focused on ultimately being a FBI Agent. She had a savior complex: She felt as if she could help those whom people and society would write off. She always stood for what was right and desired to make a serious change in our system.

However, in Cincinnati, on August 14, 2020, my Aurora was murdered. A 16-year-old boy bought an illegal gun from an adult man. The 16 year old decided to rob the man, and shots were fired. My Aurora was shot, one single time—gone. Everything she wanted to be, and it’s like this: Just gone? No!

The 16 year old is charged! Aurora, 17 years old, murdered—the equation doesn’t add up. I dread awakening every day without her. Life doesn’t seem real, isn’t real! She had everything, and she was everything I ever wanted to be. I, as her mom, put everything I had into molding her, and I just can’t believe I’m here in this world without my beautiful Aurora. Say her name: “Cadet Aurora McCarter.”

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