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Camille C

Because my family and I have been affected by gun violence, I choose to use my voice for awareness and positive change. Nearly five years ago, a boy that my youngest son knew shot him, and he never said the reason. When my husband told me that he’d been shot, I felt like I was having an out of body experience, as if I were in an alternate world or universe.

It was very scary, but thank god our son survived and was “physically” okay. Emotionally, not so much — it takes time for that trauma to be “healed.” You never think about something like that being so close to home and really are unsure what to do. I just knew that I NEVER wanted another family to experience that heartache.

So, when I learned about the work that Moms does, I wanted to somehow be able to use my voice. Rather than being negative about the situation, I choose to bring awareness and help make our world a better and safer space.

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