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Carol Sabasteanski

In memory of Emily Elizabeth Todd

Emily was my great-niece. I knew her best as a small child, when she lived in Maine. But for many years after she moved to Connecticut with her mom, she would spend Thanksgiving with my family and her close cousins. She was beautiful, inside and out. She had a sweet soul. She loved the ocean and spending time on the beach with her grandmother Louise. Her loss has deeply affected not only her close and extended family, but also the Maine and Connecticut towns where she lived. We just can’t believe this sweet soul has been taken from us in such a violent way.

For a career Emily chose to work with elderly dementia patients — uplifting them with art.
That was Emily. We are all better for having known and loved this sweet, caring person. I am posting a picture of her as a child because that is how she will live on in my heart.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.