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Cathy Swanek

This is a different perspective on gun violence. In July 2019, while helping trim bushes in our yard, my son was shot by a bullet from a Bureau of Land Management forest. Any person who lives next to BLM land, or who hikes or horseback rides on BLM land, should be alarmed.

For years, I had asked BLM to do something about the target shooting so close to our home. BLM always said there was nothing they could do but post “Safety Zone — No Shooting” signs, which are just used as targets.

Since my son almost lost his life to that bullet and my grandchildren can no longer play outside for fear of being shot, I started researching BLM and Oregon shooting regulations. Current regulations have no concern for human life. Shooting into a suggested backstop, etc., is seldom done. Homes cannot be seen through the trees. Bullets can travel well over two-plus miles.

I have proposed “Private Residence Safety Zone” with suggestions for signs, fines, enforcement, etc. I have contacted all local, state and federal agencies and lawmakers. Nothing yet. Please let anyone you know who lives close to BLM or hikes about this dangerous gun violence.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.