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Celeste Iroha

In memory of Noel Njoku Enough of Gun Violence

My favorite uncle was a father of four — twin boys and two girls. He was a loving husband of 19 years to a wife that was meant for him. His name was Noel; her name is Noella. The year after he was shot and killed was going to be their 20-year anniversary.

He was a car salesman during the day and a DoorDash driver during the evening, just to provide for his family. No one expected this tragedy to occur, but it unfortunately happened. I saw it on Google and immediately showed my mother the news. We were just broken about this tragic event that should never have happened.

My uncle was a twin brother himself; he was blessed to have his own set of twins. We miss him terribly, but justice will prevail, as they caught his killer who had been in and out of prison. We will make sure no one else should have to lose their parent, especially like this!

My aunt only found out that he was shot and killed after not getting any responses from calling him numerous times on his cell phone.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.