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Charles W. Reid

In memory of Charles W. Reid Charles W. Reid Community Help Center

On June 26, 2011, I lost my firstborn and only son, Charles Woodrow Reid, to gun violence. My son was very smart, loving and so much fun! Because love never dies, he is forever loved at age 24. Through prayer, therapy and faith (my power punch for change), I was able to overcome my grief and trauma.

As a licensed therapist, I work with others in the community by offering mental health resources and advocating to reduce gun violence. In my son’s honor, I founded the Charles W. Reid Community Help Center in Detroit to assist suffering from the impact of gun violence. We will never give up the fight to bring awareness and prevent gun violence!

Our Mission:
The CWR Community Help Center is committed to helping those in the community that have been impacted by gun violence and poverty.

Our Vision:
In honor of Charles W. Reid, our vision is to offer resources to those in the community suffering from the impact of gun violence and poverty so that they may gain hope and stability in moving forward.

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