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Charrel T. Filmore

In honor of Kurt Trey Lawrence

Every day me and Kurt texted, from morning to night once our bond got closer. I loved how I could talk about pretty much anything with Kurt. Our bond was special. Although our bond started out as me having a crush, we became really good friends. Our bond was as rich as soul food! From the time I’ve known Kurt, football was all he talked about, aside from girls and hanging out with his friends and Twitter. Kurt loved going outside, although Ms. Lawrence was strict. Yet, Ms. Lawrence let all of her children have a good childhood!

Kurt loved football, and his dream college was to attend Penn State. I remember going to one of his games at Kennedy. He was such the star of the game! And oh boy, is Kennedy a gigantic school! All of the girls loved Kurt, and Kurt was definitely a flirt! Sometimes Kurt couldn’t resist, and if I were him — I wouldn’t either, LOL!

At such a young age, Kurt was so loved and talented and smart. I enjoyed knowing him and being his best friend! Till this day he is forever cherished in my heart and everyone else who knows him, family, and close friends.

His life was taken away from simply leaving a party and from a simple bullet. He was just wanting to enjoy his night. And I was actually supposed to meet up with him that night as well. There are so many young lives being taken away from gun violence or a simple bullet, and it does not stop!

I stand for all the youth aside from my dear friend Nathalie Arzu. I stand for all of family and friends who lost a loved one to a bullet!

I stand for myself, anyone who knew Kurt, his family and friends.

May justice be served. May their stories be initially fully heard.

S.I.P Kurt ! This is for you !


Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.