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Cheree Sampson

In memory of Manny Purpose 4 My Pain

June 9 was the day my life turned upside down. My 14-year-old son Daron became a victim of gun violence. He and several other children were shot at the Lawrence birthday party, but unfortunately, my son didn’t survive. My life is not the same, and this goes for his other brothers as well. I have four boys including Manny (Daron’s nickname), and we’re so torn without him being home with us. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be a parent who is suffering from gun violence. But I get up and strive every day to live this lifestyle of mine for my boys. They need me; I’m all they’ve got. Manny has become strong in ways I’ve never known I was. My baby is mine and his brothers’ angel. I feel him every day. He’s the reason why I’m going to continue to push through and keep being the best mother that I’ve always been to my boys. Mommy loves you, Manny, and I’m going to forever continue to keep your name alive. #MannysWorld

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.