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Chrissy Forman

In memory of Jayson J. Hill

The moments that I survived gun violence as a grieving mother: I am so thankful that I got to speak to my child hours before my son Jayson Hill was gunned down while holding his 9-month-old son Jaylen Hill at Oak Court Mall on November 20, 2021. I think if I had missed his call that day, and now know that he was murdered, I don’t think I would ever be able to live without knowing what he wanted! When I talked to him, there wasn’t any kind of sign or signal that said anything was wrong! It has to be some evil soul out here to almost kill a 9-month-old child.

One thing that has brought me as far as I am is seeing my grandson heal and overcome what evil thought was going to prevail, and to see him stand so strong and fight! Not only do I have him, but he has three other siblings that are looking up to me, and I am their link to know the father that they lost! So as justice for my son’s death and the shooting of my grandson, it allows some healing to start!

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