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Christine Evans

In memory of my son

My son was murdered in Golden Gate Park on November 29, 2008; no one has been held accountable for his death. It’s a known fact that the gun used to kill my son matched another murder, and they were prosecuted, while my son’s case still goes unsolved. My life has forever changed for my two other sons. My oldest, 32, has been in therapy to deal with the loss that has greatly affected him. My now 17-year-old has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, partially from deaths in his life at age 5 and 7. I have finally realized how this changed my parenting 10 years ago and greatly affected my sons. I look at life different and always worry about the safety of my children that made them change how they live life. Now, 10 years later, I’m in therapy to learn to let go and let my children live without fear. I still feel the ripple effect of what gun violence has permanently placed in my life. I fight every day to try and fix and get all of our lives back on track — 10 years later.

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