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Christy Camara

In memory of Wyland Gomes Wyland’s Mom

On March 2, 2020, my life was changed forever. My only son, Wyland, was shot and killed by his father. His father then turned the gun on himself. My son’s life was robbed from him at the age of only 10. Since that tragic day, I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions trying to make sense of it all. It DOESN’T make sense.

My ex-husband, and the father of Wyland, was able to purchase a gun in the state of California while he had an active restraining order. We are working to discover details on why he was able to obtain a gun legally.

I am trying to use my pain and grief for something positive. My team and I are diligently working on Wyland’s Law, where children’s lives will be saved. Along with a law honoring my son, I also just published a book, “Can I Still Be Funny After My Son’s Murder?” I hope that sharing my struggles, along with many fond memories of my sweet angel, will help people fight for the safety of children.

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