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Cindy R.

In memory of Edward Pace

Ed was my stepbrother. I met him when he was 7. He was loving and troubled throughout his life. Sometimes we speculated he may have had fetal alcohol syndrome. He wasn’t good at problem-solving and sometimes did not foresee the outcome of his actions. As an adult he found a home in military service and was active in Air National Guard. He was a war veteran. He was feeling suicidal. He gave his dad his guns for safe storage in a locked safe. He was hospitalized to treat the suicidal thoughts. After about a week, he was released. Sometime after that, he dropped by our parents’ house and said a casual goodbye to my mom. She did not know he had unlocked the safe and retrieved a gun. He went to the military cemetery and used the gun to commit suicide there. We held his funeral at the same place within a week.

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