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In honor of Cody Holmes

Hi there. My name is Amber. My boyfriend, Cody Holmes, was shot five times by an unidentified suspect. He got hit—three in his chest, one on his stomach and one on his back. One bullet had hit his lung. He was in and out of consciousness and transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital. He can’t sleep, eat or walk. He has nightmares now, and he’s scared the perpetrator is coming back for him. He’s in physical therapy twice a week and has to walk with a cane and back brace. He can’t work or provide for us anymore.

We are homeless, and I work at Applebee’s, barely making enough for our rent and some food. I am so scared he’s not going to wake up due to stress and injuries. Please, I need recommendations and help for him. What I can do? He is only 30, and I’m 26. We live in Tampa, Florida, and it’s gunshots every day. I’m so scared for him and our city. I want to take immediate action and support him and our city and the other victims and survivors.

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