total hearts received for Moments That Survive

Colorado State Representative Tom Sullivan HD-37

In honor of Alex Sullivan

I took Alex to his first movie as a baby. It was “The Black Cauldron” a Disney cartoon and he fell in love with movies that day. It was what he wanted to do every year on his birthday so It became a family affair. Sometimes a friend would come with us, but on 7/20/2012 Alex went to “The Dark Knight Rises” with his co-workers and he was one of the 12 who were murdered that night.

High profile mass shootings cast a bright light on the victims and I became active locally & nationally about our tragedy. I spoke whenever asked and showed up at events I thought I could help. Elected officials failed to listen to my concerns so I ran against them. I lost the first time but have succeeded the last two election cycles. The legislators in Colorado have to see & hear me every day during session now. That presence has impact. That voice has strength. We passed the Extreme Risk Protection Bill. We are just getting started. I’m just Alex’s Dad but I won’t stop doing the work so that other Dad’s won’t be effected like I have been.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.