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Corniki / BjMom

In memory of Fontaine Bj Sanders RandB justice

In April 2017, my only child, Fontaine Bj Sanders, was stolen from me and this world. He went to our neighborhood park to play ball and hang with friends. Two guys walked up and opened fire on the group, leaving my baby with a gunshot wound to the head that he would die from a day later.

In the beginning, I was so shocked and numb. As a Christian, I just tried to prepare for the service as best I knew how, not knowing what all this would do to me mentally, physically and spiritually. After six years in court, we didn’t get justice for Bj, so my heart was ripped open again. Daily I try to use scripture, prayer, therapy and support groups to help me cope, but with every passing day the void gets bigger and the pain feels worse. I won’t give up, but I truly wish I never had to live this nightmare.

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