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Davida Hill

In honor of Demarcus Austin Jr

On February 27, 2021, at 7:09, my then five-year-old grandson Demarcus was shot in the head by an individual who was intent on killing his father over a Facebook post. He followed the father to his residence and opened fire on a vehicle that had four occupants in it. The perpetrator shot 15 times into the car. Demarcus was the only one that got hit. He suffered a stroke, which led to him having a limp and a dead arm on his left side. He survived only by God’s grace and a praying grandmother. He is the epitome of survivor because he, in the end, stated that he forgave the guy who shot him. I speak for him and honor him because his life is forever changed by this senseless act of violence. The perpetrator took a plea for 20 years in prison, even though this was his third time shooting into a vehicle/dwelling and injuring someone not intended.

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